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SCULPTURES & FORM:       Professional Commercial  &  Fine Art Sculpture
67 Highgate Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14214  (716)833-6260
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Sculptures and Form produces
commercial sculpture, fine art sculpture, and lamps.  We make sculptures and
 3-dimensional objects for:
*Theme Parks    
*Theater and Film
*Restaurants    *Architectural Facades
* Storefront Signage & 3-D Logos  
*Educational Institutions
*Indoor or Outdoor
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 Images in the slide show and to the right are among hundreds of commercial sculptures fabricated by Lawrence Kinney
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Rochester Red Wing sculpture by Larry Kinney

Commercial sculpture
by Lawrence Kinney

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Skill and Professionalism!

  As the proprietor of Sculptures and Form Lawrence Kinney draws upon graduate level training in fine art and sculpture., as well as more than 20 years of experience as an artist. Through Sculptures and Form, Mr. Kinney sells and exhibits his commercial and personal artistry.

More About Us...
Commercial Art
    Commercial sculptures can be found in theme parks, restaurants, theatrical settings, and as complements to indoor and outdoor signage. Lawrence Kinney has produced more than 300 commercial sculptures through Sculptures and Form and his affiliations with other other companies. Visit our Commercial page to learn more about our Commercial Sculptures and to view a portfolio of related work. New! Our online portfolio now features approximately 200 commercial sculptures.
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 Fine Art
    As a fine artist Lawrence Kinney continually designs and fabricates sculptural works for single and group exhibitions, competitions, and commissions. Mr. Kinney's work has been shown throughout the northeast, including  Buffalo, Erie PA, and New York City. In 2001, Kinney was commissioned a steam-bent wood tribute for the Pan-American Exposition that now sits on the grounds of Buffalo State College.
More about Fine Art...
    Sculptures and Form Lamps are  an evolving series of originally designed indoor lamps and lighting fixtures. Lamps are individually constructed from fine woods and other materials. 
Two new lamp styles have recently been added to our portfolio. Check back with this page periodically, as lamps are modified and new designs are added.
More about Lamps.
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